Friday, October 11, 2013

October Magazine Highlight: Discovery Girls and Odyssey: Adventures in Science

Each month we are highlighting two magazines we subscribe to in the Children's Room. (For September's post, click here.) This month, we'll be looking at Discovery Girls and Odyssey. All children's magazines can be checked out for one week, with one renewal. For a full list of our children's magazines subscriptions, click here.

October Magazines:

Discovery Girls: Suggested for ages 8 -12 

Designed for girls entering middle school each issue is filled with articles, advice, quizzes, embarrassing moments and fashion.

October/November Issue Highlights:

-Discovery Girls of British Columbia
       Learn about girls from another country; what they like to do, eat and wear 
       as well as what they hope to do when they grow up.

-Solve Your Friendship Problems: Talk it Out!
       This article highlights common friendship issues including competition, 
       being a shadow, rejection and being teased. Each one is followed by 
       a solution and how discussion can help solve these problems.

-Stop Comparing Yourself
       An article on self-esteem designed to help girls stop comparing 
       themselves to friends, classmates and the media. 

Odyssey: Adventures in Science: Suggested for 9-14

Each issue tackles the hottest topics in physics, biology, and environmental science, introduces new and emerging technologies, and highlights top science careers. 

October Issue Highlights: 

- Meow! Woof! 
        Explores the idea and facts about the relationship between cats and dogs? 
        Are they truly natural enemies and why? 
- Your Dog = Your BFF
       Discusses the benefits of owning a dog
- Good Vibrations
       Discusses how owning a cat, and a cat's purring can effect us.

Stop by to check these out today! 

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