Thursday, September 12, 2013

Children's Magazines - American Girl and Cricket

Did you know the Children's Room has magazines that you can check out? We'll be highlighting a few each month so you can get to know them. If you'd like to skip ahead a view the full list click here.

September Magazines: 

American Girl: Suggested for ages 8 and up

American Girl was created as an alternative to teen magazines for younger girls. Each issues is filled with stories, crafts, advice and games. 

September/October Issue Highlight: 

 - Fun Boredom Busters
      - Each day of the month has a new suggestion of something to do
 - How to Beat Bullying
       - A flow chart for dealing with bullyings helps girls understand  their options and the
         best course of action in different situations
- Delicious Apple Recipes
       - Recipes for apple snakes including mini apple pies, green apple smoothies,
         apple sandwiches and cran-apple oatmeal.

Cricket: Suggested for ages 9-14 

This magazine is primarily filled with short stories, but also with book reviews and author interviews. 

September Issue Highlight:
 - 7 Short Stories of various genres 
 - Get to Know: Kate Dicamillo
        An interview with author of the Mercy Watson series, The Tale of Despereaux and
        many more! Also an excerpt from Flora & Ulysses, her new book coming later
        this month! 
 - Book Reviews by Cricket Readers

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