Monday, December 10, 2018

2018 Children's Story Writing Contest Results!

Congratulations to our 2018
 Story Writing Contest Winners!
(follow the links to read the entries)

Five to Six Year Olds
1st Place: The Lizard Reads a Magic Book by Arthur, age 6
2nd Place: The Wizard and the Three Snakes by Beatrice, age 6
3rd Place: Pippi Doodle and Her Friend by Violet, age 5

Seven to Eight Year Olds
1st Place: Archie's Homework by Violet, age 8
2nd Place: Ava and the Big Day by Eva, age 8
3rd Place: Eli Finds a Friend by Ellie, age 8

Honorable Mentions (in no particular order)
Sharknado Crashdown by Henry, age 5
 The Life of a Busy Superhero by Nicole, age 8
The Wizard and the Horn by Matthew, age 8
Kya and Bennie's Titanic Adventure by Samantha, age 8
The Flood by John, age 8
Bella and the Horse Show by Virginia, age 7

Nine to Twelve Year Olds
1st Place: Isabella-Juliette: My Life as a Carousel Horse by Jenna, age 10
2nd Place: Bits and Pieces by Lucine, age 10
3rd Place: Ash and the Spirits by Jane, age 10

Honorable Mentions (in no particular order)
As I Grew by Lily, age 12
A Home for K&K by Claire, age 10
The Road to Newnutsland by Madelyn, age 10
The Hidden Jungle by Isabelle, age 9
Life on the Farm by Nicole, age 12
Thank You, Dylan by Anne, age 11
Escape From the Orphanage by Ellia, age 10
Time Flies on Christmas! by Lauren, age 11
The Power of the Elements by Yash, age 11
Get Messy! by Gavin, age age 11
Blorf's Quest to Fit In by Gian, age 11
Christmas at Daisy Hill by EJ, age 10
A Christmas Adventure by Brooke, age 11

Many thanks to our esteemed panel of judges:
Sarah Lauderdale, Head of Reference, H-W Library
Patricia Purdy, former Hamilton-Wenham Library Trustee
Rob Pondelli, Assistant Director, H-W Library

Special thanks to The Book Shop of Beverly Farms and 
Friends of Hamilton-Wenham Library for supporting all of our writers' efforts!

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