Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Pumpkin Contest Winners

Congratulations to the Winners of our
Pumpkin Decorating Contest!

 Abby, age 5, won Most Angelic
Ellis, age 5, won Best Hairdo
Emma, age 5, won Best Crown
Matthew, age 5, won Spookiest
Zachary, age 1, won Most Lovable
Joe, age 6, won Most Stealthy
Olivia, age 5, won Most Artistic
Emma, age 7, won Most "Pom-tastic"!
Kayuri, age 6, won Most Sparkling
Aashika, age 4, won Most Scrumptious
William, age 8, won Most "Terrific"!
Timothy, age 3, won Best Smile
Bram, age 3, won Smartest Pumpkin
AJ, age 3, won Happiest Pumpkin
Claire W., age 3, won Most Lovely
JJ, age 3, won Most Friendly
Sri, age 3, won Most Seasonal
Sofie, age 2, won Most Colorful
Samuel, age 3, won Goofiest
Isabella, age 3, won Sweetest Pumpkin
Claire L., age 3, won Best Eyes
Iyva-Grace, age 3, won Best Jewelry
Seth, age 6, won Most Wizardlike
Gian, age 8, won Best Hair
Max, age 3, won Most Elegant
Francesca, age 3, won Most Likely to Fly
Alli, age 5, won Most Friendly
Kassi, age 8, won Best Costume

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