Thursday, November 1, 2012

Congrats to the Pumpkin Contest Winners!

Congratulations to the Winners
of our Pumpkin Decorating Contest!

Connor, 5 won Best Avenger
Patrick, 1.5 won Most Delicious
Kaitlyn, 7 won Most Patriotic
William, 5 won Best Mutant
Colby, 4 won Most Regal
James, 6 won Most Athletic
Elizabeth, 10 won Most Musical
Briana, 7 won Most Melodic
Vanessa, 9 won Most Global
Aaron, 8 won Craziest Pumpkin
Harry, 4 won Best Wrapped
Jack, 7 won Best Bird
Audrey, 4 won Most Colorful
Eleni, 3 won Most Bedazzled
Sadie, 9 won Most Literary
Ava, 7 won Most Striking
Stephen, 6 won Most Ghoulish
Andrea, 7 won Most Aeronautical
Alex, 10 won Friendliest Plant
Ian, 2 won Best Head Wear
Enoh, 4 won Best Farmer
Gian, 5 won Spookiest

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