Monday, August 6, 2012

Silverwing Interrupted! Congrats to Taylor, 9 and Kaitlyn, 7

Silverwing began his week at the Hamilton Post Office where, due to circumstances beyond our control, he was removed from the window. Once we discovered that there was a problem, Dr. Pett came to the rescue and Silverwing spent the end of the week at the Hamilton-Wenham Veterinary Clinic. Due to this unusual circumstance, there are two winners this week! Taylor who spotted Silverwing at the Post Office and Kaitlyn who found him at the Veterinary Clinic. Congratulations to you both!

A Note: Silverwing does not typically visit two places each week. This week's change was out of our control and we apologize for the confusion. Please continue to look for Silverwing throughout this week and next in a single location either in Hamilton or Wenham. Once you have found Silverwing, stop by the Children's Room and write your name, age and place you spotted him. Remember, you can enter yourself once each day!

To see all of Silverwing's travel so far click here.

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