Friday, June 1, 2012

New Media in the Children's Room

We've been busy expanding our collection in order to serve you better!   Below you will find information about all types of  new media available for checkout.


MUZZY Multimedia Language Courses

MUZZY Multimedia Language Courses are designed to help you learn the basics of foreign language. We have  two levels in eight different languages. Muzzy includes DVDs and CDs, with activity sheets available online. Languages available are Spanish, French, German, Italian, English (ESL/ELL), Russian, Portuguese, and Mandarin Chinese. Click for a list of all the languages and levels available.

Playaway Views

The idea is similar to Playaway audios except these are light weight, portable videos, with high quality imagery at the touch of a button.  This new technology can be found in libraries only, and are durable and easy to use, even for our youngest patrons. Headphones are not required, as views have small built in speakers, though they are an option.  Playaway views come fully charged, but have an charger included in the case for charging as needed.   Just check them out, hit play and you can learn about history, weather, mythology, animals and more! A complete list of our Playaway views can be found here.

Look What's New & Updated!

Hooked on Phonics

We've had Hooked on Phonics in the room for awhile now, but we've recently ordered new and updated editions in a complete eight-level program, serving preschoolers through second graders. Each level has storybooks, workbooks, and a DVD to help your child learn to read. The levels begin at pre-K and continue through second grade. Stop by and check one out. Click for a list of the levels as well as what each level focuses on.


Playaways are a portable audiobooks. Unlike CDs or tapes you don't need anything except headphones and a AAA battery to listen to this book.  They can also be played in the car if you have the required cable. We've added 18 new Playaways to our collection. For a complete list of all our Playaways click here.

Books on CD

We've also been working to expand the number of audiobooks we have on CD as well as CD and book sets. For a list of our new audiobooks click here.

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  1. These are just great and awesome. Fantastic!The Muzzy sounds really interesting. It would really be nice to learn a different language.