Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Topsfield Fair Passes Ready for Pick Up

If you signed up for the Topsfield Fair passes, they are ready for pick up. Come in to the Children's Room anytime we are open.

The passes MUST be picked up by September 16 or they will be returned to the Topsfield Fair. This is a requirement of the Topsfield Fair Read and Win Program.


  1. Hi there! We just moved to town a couple weeks ago and have already been to the library four times! We love it already ; ) I'm assuming passes have all been reserved, but could we put our names on a no-show/cancel/wait-list (if there is one)? Many thanks!

  2. Hi and welcome to town!

    Unfortunately, I cannot put you on a wait-list. These passes were earned through a summer reading program and cannot be passed on to others.

    The Topsfield Fair has been generously doing this for the past several years, and we'd love to have you participate next year if interested.
    And just in case you don't know, if your children are under 8, they receive free admission to the fair already.