Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Massachusetts Children Book Award 2011

Massachusetts Children Book Award has been announced for 2011!

Come in to the Children's Room to check them out and view the complete list of winners for past years.


11 Birthdays by Wendy Mass

Amanda and Leo, best friends with the same birthday, had a falling out on their tenth birthday and have not spoken since, but peculiar things begin to happen as the day of their eleventh birthday repeats itself again and again.

Honor Books:

No Talking! by Andrew Clements

"Boys vs. girls" : The noisy fifth grade boys of Laketon Elementary School challenge the equally loud fifth grade girls to a "no talking" contest.

Savvy: by Ingid Law

Recounts the adventures of Mibs Beaumont, whose thirteenth birthday has revealed her "savvy"--a magical power unique to each member of her family--just as her father is injured in a terrible accident.

The Magic Half by Annie Barrows

Eleven-year-old Miri Gill feels left out in her family, which has two sets of twins and her, until she travels back in time to 1935 and discovers Moly, her own lost twin, and brings her to the present day

The Other Side of the Island by Allegra Goodman

Born in the eighteenth year of Enclosure, ten-year-old Honor lives in a highly regulated colony with her defiant parents, but when they have an illegal second child and are taken away, it is up to Honor and her friend Helix, another "unpredictable," to uncover a terrible secret about their island and the corporation that runs everything.

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