Friday, December 17, 2010

Story Writing Contest Winners!

Congrats to all who participated in our story writing contest this November! We had a great number of entries and our judges had a hard time deciding just who would take the places.

The stories are available in the children's room for viewing and reading.

And next time you see one of these folks - make sure to give them a big congratulations!


: “Ariel’s Bear Goes to Hebrew School” by Ariel G.

: “Beatrice and Olive at the Country Fair” by Annabelle S.

: “My Little Brother” by Caralyn C.

4th-6th GRADE

: “Joe and the Unusual Friend” by Davey W.

: “Mr. Frog’s Adventures” by John M.

: “A Summer Trip to Remember” by Shayne B.

Honorable Mentions: (In No Particular Order)

 1st-3rd GRADE:
“Fire People” by Alexis D.
“Cristal the Unicorn” by Ella P.
“When the Cablebox Strikes” by Scott J.
“Mars vs. Neptune” by Connor R.
“The Tale of the Helping Pandas” by Alexander T.
“Dinosaurs in the Forest” by Elijah S.
“The White and Black Loons and the Orange-Beaked Seagull” by Tess C.
“The Blob of HJ City” by Leo G.

4th-6th GRADE:
“Big Scary Werewolf Mystery” by Robby D.
“A Little Bit of Magic” by Lily S.
“Orian’s Quest” by Sarah M.
“Sunset Hill” by Porter D.
“The Trip to Freedom” by Nina D.
“Secret Revealed” by Katie R.
“The Unknown Queen” by Bryn S.
“The Mysterious Goose” by Amy T.
“The Land in the Box” by Emily M.
“The Power of Good and Evil” by Michelle M.
“The Christmas Kitten” by Rose W.
Tracy’s Adventure” by Liam S.
“The Lonely Tree” by Emma C.

Many thanks to our esteemed panel of judges:

Sarah Lauderdale, Head of Reference, H-W Library
Emily Redinbo, Local Author and Teacher
Sandra Trapani, Editor, Hamilton-Wenham Chronicle

and to Pat Purdy, Owner of the Banbury Cross Bookshop of Wenham, for the generous donation of all of the wonderful prizes!

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