Saturday, December 14, 2019

Story Writing Contest Results!

Congratulations to our
2019 Children's Story Writing
Contest Winners!
(follow the links to read the entries)

5 - 6 Year-Olds
1st Place: Supergirls by Colette Adele, age 6 
2nd Place: The Case of the Lost Kitten by Johnny, age 5
3rd Place: Titans vs. Patriots Football Game by Tory Ian, age 5

7 - 9 Year-Olds

1st Place: Meow Meow the Best by Beatrice, age 7
2nd Place: Boats by Cook James, age 9
3rd Place: Above the Clouds... by Molly Elizabeth, age 8

10 - 12 Year-Olds

1st Place: The Wizard by Claire, age 11
2nd Place: Turkey's Revenge by Mallory, age 10
3rd Place: Monkey Madness by Jane, age 11

Honorable Mentions
(in no particular order)

The Girl Who Saw a Fairy by Eloise, age 5
Trouble on the Bus by Annika, age 5
Dreamer by Violet, age 9
The Foodland Massacre by Arthur, age 7
 Wonton by Caroline, age 9
Into the Cave by Calla, age 7
Trouble! by Zara, age 7
The Vortex by Robbie, age 8
The Basketball Gymnast by Talia, age 8
Cat Adventures by Clara, age 7
The Surprise Party by Francesca, age 7
Sofie's Big Idea by Eva, age 9
The BOOM!!!! by Aidan, age 10
The Journey of a Lifetime by Isla, age 12
Dog Town by Ruby, age 10
The Adventure by Miles, age 10
The Disaster by Ben, age 10
The Boat Catastrophe by Asa, age 11
The Heirloom by Helen, age 10
Katrina's Journey by Mikayla, age 11
The Lost Astronaut by Daniel, age 11
Snake Demon by Nat, age 10
Mackenzie by Zoe, age 11
Super gwirl by Sienna, age 10
Eagles Nest by Tristan, age 10
A Horse Named Twilight by Autumn, age 11

Many thanks to our esteemed panel of judges:
Kim Butler, Director, Hamilton-Wenham Library
Sarah Lauderdale, Head of Reference, Hamilton-Wenham Library
Patricia Purdy, former Hamilton-Wenham Library Trustee


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